Photo of Gigamesh

Gigamesh is the stage name of Matt Masurka, a music producer and DJ based in Los Angeles. Originally from Minneapolis, he attended music school in Wisconsin and interned under Prince's tour engineer while DJing and playing in local bands.

As a wave of music blogs proliferated throughout the late aughts, Gigamesh released many remixes that accumulated millions of plays on various platforms. He was soon being hired to do official work for several artists, which led to multiple singles reaching the Billboard top 40 and years of touring around the world. This coincided with several EPs of original music released by labels such as Kisuné.

In 2017, Gigamesh became enamored with the potential of blockchain technology to alleviate global coordination problems, including those faced by independent musicians. This eventually culminated with cofounding in 2021, which has since successfully helped hundreds of artists build communities with their largest supporters and collectively make millions in revenue.